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 The DayStar Solar Scout 60DS and SkyWatcher SolarQuest bundle is the perfect introduction to solar astronomy! The Solar Scout is a high quality achromatic doublet refractor specifically designed for the Hydrogen-alpha wavelength. It contains a Quark Chromosphere filter which offers performance comparable to doublestacked solar telescopes with similar aperture from other manufacturers, but at a far lower cost.

The SkyWatcher SolarQuest solar tracking mount is lightweight and ridiculously easy to use. No need to worry about aligning your equipment the night before or early in the morning. Using its patented HelioFind solar finder and built-in GPS, SolarQuest autolevels and calculates the azimuth and altitude of the sun, all with the single push of a button. Once self-aligned, the mount locates and tracks the sun for hours at a time.

Unlike most 'entry-level' solar telescopes which have a bandpass of around 0.7Å, the Solar Scout 60DS has an approximate bandpass of 0.5Å, resulting in greater detail of surface structures and filaments. The Solar Scout features a 12mm blocking filter with 16mm of clear etalon aperture, significantly more than competing offerings.

Note: The tripod shown in the photos is not included in the bundle. The mount includes a useful pier extension and can be attached to any tripod with a 3/8" screw connection.

Warning: The SolarQuest mount is designed to work with dedicated solar telescopes ONLY. Do not point other types of optical device at the sun; looking directly at the sun without a certified filter will cause immediate and irreversible damage to the eyes or instrument.


Solar Scout 60DS Features


  • 930mm Effective Focal Length
  • Quality Achromat Doublet 60mm refractor
  • Integrated Quark H-alpha filter
  • 'Doublestack' performance at no extra cost
  • Robust and precision accuracy: Helical Front-Focus can't slip and does not turn the eyepiece.
  • Solar Bullet finder projects safely onto white screen.
  • 16mm eyepiece aperture.
  • Adaptable for 2" or Camera mount / views
  • Always on-band with USB power, 5v 1.5amp
  • Tuning knob allows wing shifting +/- 0.5Å
  • LED indicator for power, warming, ready, fault
  • Vixen /Photo style mounting foot
  • 3 year warranty

* Application of 2" eyepieces or components, and Camera T-adapters require additional, optional accessories. Diagonal recommended to achieve focus.


DayStar Solar Scout 60DS

60 mm achromatic doublet
Focal Length
930 mm (approximate effective)
Effective F ratio
6562.8 Å
Tuning knob Wing shift +/- 0.5 Å in 0.1 Å increments
Integrated 2-element telecentric 4.3x optimized for 656 nm
Blocking filter Integrated 12 mm blocking filter
Clear aperture 16 mm clear etalon aperture, passes full solar disk
Connection 1.25" female drawtube with brass compression ring
Mounting Reversible Vixen style dovetail foot with 1/4-20 holes
Power Requires 5 v 1.5 amp with USB Micro-B connector
Dimensions 391-403 mm  length x 78 mm width x 110 mm height
Weight 1.33 kg

SkyWatcher SolarQuest

Weight capacity
5 kg
Mount weight
1.3 kg
Power requirement
8 x AA batteries (not supplied)
Dovetail saddle
DC servo motors
Slew speeds
16 x and 1200 x
3/8" thread hole
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