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The Baader #1 Teflon-Brown mount grease has excellent dampening characteristics and is suitable for use in temperatures between -15 to +55°C. A light application will help your mount drives to perform smoother. Not suited for permanent use below -10°C.

The Baader #2 Teflon-White mount grease has excellent slipping properties and ultra low slip-stick tendency. It is suitable for use in temperatures between -25 to +40°C.

The Baader #4 Ultra-range mount grease is a wide-stretched synthetic grease with constant viscosity across an extremely large temperature range of -50 to +60°C. It is especially suitable for use in the mirror sliding fittings of Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes as the grease does not produce any out-gassing, does not react to vapor-pressure, does not harden over time - and does not decompose into a solid and a liquid part over time.

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