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Testar is the authorized distributor for Antlia in Australia. The Antlia LRGB series filters are specially designed for deep space photography with monochrome cameras. The strict manufacturing process and the quality control guarantees a tight tolerance of the filter thickness (± 0.05mm) which makes these filters parfocal. This allows the filter change without the need to refocus.

Each filter is fully multi-coated to minimise internal reflections, halos around stars and to assure a high transmission which is above 95%. To even further enhance the contrast, reduce the glare and internal reflections, Antlia applies edge-blackening coating on each filter.

Each filter cuts off the ultraviolet and infrared light so there is no need to use the L filter in combination with the colour filters.

Available in 1.25", 2", 31mm, 36mm & 50mm round.

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