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This bundle allows you to replace the SkyWatcher Esprit 100's stock focuser with the high precision Prima Luce Lab ESATTO 3" robotic microfocuser and the adapters needed to connect the Esprit's 1x field flattener


The kit contains:


Note: This kit does not include the 131mm PLUS support rings shown in the photographs. 


The SkyWatcher ESPRIT 100 ED telescope has a Crayford focuser that doesn't offer a high load capacity so it is not recommended for long exposure astrophotography with heavy cameras or accessories. This special bundle adds ESATTO 3", the new generation robotic focuser that you control by any Windows computer by connecting it to a USB port, or via WiFi by using ESATTO app on your smartphone or tablet with the Virtual HandPad.


Thanks to the 65mm (to be installed between tube and focuser) and 25mm (to be installed between focuser and camera) extension tubes included with the kit, you can reach the focus with the ESATTO 3" focuser. The kit includes the adapter to thread the 1,0x field flattener to the ESATTO 3" focuser. 


On the camera side, ESATTO has a M81x1 male thread to connect and manually rotate many cameras and accessories by adding the optional adapters with stop rings. ESATTO 3" has 25mm of focuser tube travel, a 8kg payload capacity and an incredible resolution of 0,04 micron per step.


ESATTO 3” robotic microfocuser - main features:

  • Crayford style focuser with 28 ball bearings, specially designed for very high load capacity (up to 8kg) with no flexure
  • Low profile design with an optical thickness of only 77mm
  • 25mm focuser travel with an incredible resolution of 0.04 microns per step!
  • Special adapters to easily connect it to many different telescopes
  • It can be directly controlled by EAGLE or any Windows computer with dedicated control software or ASCOM drivers
  • USB-C connector
  • Wi-Fi capability from any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • ESATTO Virtual HandPad app for visual use
  • Many camera threaded adapters with stop ring on the camera side to rotate the camera to the desired angle
  • ARCO port to easily connect the ARCO camera rotator without the need for additional data or power cables
  • Weight: 1345 g


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