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Testar local stock

Local Stock

Everything that is in stock is actually in stock in Australia at the Testar warehouse. Items cannot be added to cart unless they are in stock so your order is ready to be shipped immediately. Testar has several hundreds of items imported from all across the world so you don’t have to wait. We do not like for you to wait for backorders and only large telescopes need to be ordered in.


24H Dispatch

Our promise is to prepare your order and ship it within 24 hours! Once you purchase your gears, we bet you want to receive them ASAP so you can enjoy the night sky. It would be cruel to receive a message saying "this item is on backorder" and then wait for weeks or months before to receive it. This does not happen with us! Place an order before 11:00 am (Sydney time) and it will be dispatched within the same day.


Engineering Services

Did you know that we are not just a shop? Our team is made of astrophotographers and engineers so we can design and manufacture anything you need. Do you need a customized option for your optical train? We got you covered. Do you want us to design your full observatory and calculate the correct dome size? We offer 3D renderings on how your telescope will fit in your observatory. Do you need special accessories or components for a professional setup? CAD designing, customs solutions, FEM analysis, schematic and technical drawings are all services that we already offer for professional applications.


Expert Support

Our passion is astronomy and after more than 20 years of looking up there, you can use our experience to get out of trouble or to get your gear sorted. If you need some advice to choose your equipment or if you need some help to get your gear run smoothly, give us a call or send us  a message, we are happy to help.


Customized solutions

Adapters, dovetails, backfocus calculations, filters, accessories... sometimes they talk a different language between each other. You may need an adapter to connect a mount to your pier or to design a special optical train for a particular equipment. We already offer a vast range of adapters for the most common threads and attachments. For any special requirement, you can contact us!