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The Antlia U-Venus filter 1.25" is a special UV pass filter designed to capture the clouds of Venus but also details on Jupiter.

This filter uses the latest dielectric interference coating technology to achieve high transmission in the UV band at 400 Nm and exceptional cut-off of other wavelengths (OD3).

Venus is the planet that benefits the most using this filter. The atmosphere of this planet is thick and opaque and therefore it is impossible to capture any details of the surface of the planet. The clouds of Venus don't show any particular details in visible light, only in ultraviolet.

Jupiter has high reflective clouds in the ultraviolet wavelength. The Antlia U-Filter can be used to reveal details not visible at other wavelengths.

This filter can be also used in non-astronomical applications as long as the camera used does not have an embedded UV-IR cut filter. Medical imaging, photos of flowers, insects and forensics are only some of the applications where this filter can be used.

Each filter is tested individually to ensure a high quality standard. The tight tolerance of the filter substrate assures a maximum deviance of ±0.05 from specifications making these filters parfocal.

It has to be used without the UV-IR cut filter as it blocks the ultraviolet radiation.

DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITH THE ANTLIA FILTERS. Serious eye damage will occur.


Altlia U-Venus

Passing band > 850 Nm
Glass thickness

2.0 mm ±0.05

Optical flatness

1/4 λ (wavefront)

Surface quality
60/40 (in accordance with US military watch MIL-O-13830)
Glass type
Schott monolithic optical substrate (non glued)


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