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In order to get professional images, you need to calibrate your raw images with a flat frame. In fact, your photographic system will produce an uneven response caused by: 

  • Sensor inhomogeneous response (pixels that are more or less sensitive to light)
  • Optical vignetting (image is darker away from the centre)
  • Dust on the sensor window (seen as 'donut' shaped spots on the image)
  • Internal reflections

To generate a flat frame, you need a homogeneous illuminated screen. Commercial LED panels are unsuitable for this task as they are excessively bright, often not dimmable and frequently have a colour dominance.

The Geoptik flat field panel is the perfect light source to generate a professional flat field with your camera:

  • it has a build in rheostat to adjust the light intensity
  • it is powered by 12V (a cigarette lighter plug is included)
  • it has a balanced spectral emission to avoid colour dominants
  • three nylon screws allow to secure the flat field generator on any telescope inclination
  • the rim around the generator reduces the white light disturbance (a must have in star parties where white lights are prohibited).

Top quality made in Italy.





Small flat field

for telescopes with a diameter between 110mm and 164mm

Medium flat field

for telescopes with a diameter between 156mm and 210mm

Large flat field

for telescopes with a diameter between 206mm and 260mm

XL flat field

for telescopes with a diameter between 205mm and 308mm

XXL flat field SKU

for telescopes with a diameter between 292mm and 372mm

Small flat field SKU


Medium flat field SKU


Large flat field SKU


XL flat field SKU


XXL flat field SKU


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