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Jump into monochrome imaging with our QHY268M-PH kits! The QHY 268M is one of the best cameras for deep sky astrophotography with its 16-bit Sony full frame sensor. Includes the QHY CFW3 Medium 7 x 36mm electronic filter wheel and either Optolong or Antlia LRGB & H-alpha, Oxygen-III & S-II narrowband filters.

Kit 1 is an excellent introduction to monochrome LRGB imaging:

Kit 2 adds a 7nm H-alpha narrowband filter, allowing you to add incredible nebulosity to your images:

Kit 3 includes the full suite of SHO narrowband filters, giving you the ability to capture every deep sky object:

Kit 4 replaces the Optolong filters with Antlia LRGB  and ultra-narrow 3nm SHO filters for truly professional results:

Kit 5 replaces the Antlia filters with the highest quality filters on the market -  Chroma LRGB  and ultra-narrow 3nm SHO filters:

Kit 6 has the new Optolong 3nm Pro SHO filters plus their LRGB filters:


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