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Testar Australia is a technical assistant dealer for 10 Micron. Our staff has been trained at the 10 Micron factory to provide assistance, repairs and maintenance on their products.


This special double plate is designed to allow a parallel mounting of two optical tubes on the 10 Micron mounts. The bottom slide is a 4” dovetail bar 400mm length, with special threaded holes; the clamping plates are two XL 3” Losmandy compatible (#10M2185), length 350mm.
All the components are CNC machined, black anodized aluminum. They are 3 different possible distances between the two clamps: approx. 210, 245 and 281mm. Included in the set is a Maxi clamping plate #10M2135 which fits directly onto the GM2000 mounts and via the following adapters on the GM3000 and GM4000 mounts:

#10M3545 | Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM3000)

#10M4545 | Flange adapter for clamping plates (GM4000)



  • Material: black anodized, CNC machined aluminum
  • Bottom dovetail 4”, 400 mm length, with special threaded holes
  • Two 3” clamps XL #10M2185, Losmandy compatible, length 200 mm
  • Center to center distance: adjustable, approx. 210, 245 and 281 mm
  • Weight: approx. 6kg
  • Included a Maxi clamping plate #10M2135, compatible with GM2000 / 3000 / 4000 mounts



Base bar 4” dovetail, 400 mm length
Nr.2 clamps #10M2185, 3” Losmandy XL compatible (all the components are pre-assembled and aligned)
Nr.1 Maxi clamping plate #10M2135

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