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Watch the Total Solar Eclipse in Mexico live!

Watch the Total Solar Eclipse in Mexico live!

Adriano Massatani |


Experience with us the thrilling experience of watching the 2024 American total solar eclipse live. Adriano Massatani from the Testar team will be in the path of totality streaming the event from Torreon, Mexico.

For the stream, we will be using the ZWO Seestar S50 that thanks to its high magnification provides a stunning close up of the Solar disk. Additionally, we will have a wide-angle ambient shot using a GoPro.

You can watch the view from the Seestar here :

The wide-angle GoPro stream can be found here :

The totality will last 4 minutes and 26 seconds - that might seem like a short time but it is remarkably long for a total solar eclipse. Below are the details of this event which in Australia and New Zealand will be visible in the morning of the 9th of April. All times are AEST (Sydney time): 

  • The streaming will begin at 2:45am.
  • First contact: 3:00am. At this time, the moon will start covering the sun disk. It will take just a few seconds to notice that the sun will begin to appear like a sickle.
  • Second contact: 4:17am. The Sun is 100% covered and it can be observed without filters. Totality begins!
  • Third contact: 4:21 am - The light from the photosphere will pass through the rocky lunar limb and the bright light of the Sun will mark the end of the totality. Filter on!
  • Fourth contact: 5:45 am, the end of the Eclipse, ready for the next one. Spain 2026!?

The Seestar 50 will provide a highly magnified view of the sun allowing you to watch in detail the red prominences of the chromosphere as well as offering a close up of the corona. For Australian and New Zealand viewers, this event will be happening in the very early morning, but set your alarm and don't miss the second contact. One minute before totality, the solar filter will be removed allowing to have the first glimpse of the corona. A few seconds before totality begins, the lunar mountains will block the sunlight while the lunar valleys will show dots of light passing through: this is referred to as Baily's beads.

Total solar eclipses are a "must see event" at least once in your lifetime. While Lunar eclipses are visible across a vast portion of the Earth, total solar eclipses can be seen only across the very narrow corridor of darkness caused by the Moon's shadow. 

The Testar Australia team is made up of passionate astrophotographers and we want to share this event with you, so don't miss out!

The total solar eclipse captured from Exmouth. 21st April 2023. Author: Adriano Massatani

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