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The ZWO M54 filter drawer is designed to work with full frame cameras without experiencing any vignetting. It allows to manually change a 2" filter with the standard M48 x 0.75 male thread. Two magnets secure the draw and a grab screw adjusts its tension.

ZWO filter drawer M54

The M54 x 0.75 female thread can be used to connect the drawer to a telescope. The M54 x 0.75 male thread can be used to connect the drawer to the ASI 6200 cameras.

ZWO filter drawer M54



This solution produces a backfocus of 56mm, which when a standard 3mm thick filter is used, the effective backfocus will be 55mm. 


Telescope connection

M54 x 0.75 female thread

Camera connection

M54 x 0.75 male thread





  • ZWO M54 filter drawer
  • M54 male to M48 female adapter (2mm optical thickness)
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