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The ZWO ASI6200MM Pro Kit 1 includes the following items:


The ZWO ASI6200MM PRO is a high resolution camera with a full-frame back-illuminated 16-bit Sony IMX455 sensor featuring a QE up to 80%.

 Sony’s back-illuminated CMOS technology improves sensitivity, minimizes noise, reduces power consumption and increases data download speed.

The ASI6200MM Pro features a 16bit ADC that can achieve a dynamic range output of 14 stops. This improves the image contrast significantly and the brightness shades are smoother and more natural.


The ZWO 7 x 2" Electronic Filter Wheel is CNC machined and has an optical thickness of only 20mm. This model can also take 7 x 50mm round unmounted filters.

The power absorption of the EFW is only 120mAh @ 5V so any USB cable can power it up. The distance between the filter and sensor of the ASI 6200 is only 18mm. Unmounted filters with a diameter of 50.4mm ± 0.5mm can be used in the 2" filter wheels. 


The ZWO 2" LRGB and SHO filters are specifically designed for cameras with full frame such as the ASI6200.

The width of the LRGB bandpass is balanced with the spectral response of the ZWO cameras, balancing the exposure of each channel with the ratio of 1:1:1. That means the exposure time in red is equal to the exposure time in green and in blue.

The bandpass of the narrowband filters is 7nm, which effectively blocks 98% of the unwanted light. As a result, the signal to noise ratio between the light of the nebulae (signal) and the noise (moonlight, light pollution, airglow) is highly increased. 

The filters are parfocal so there is no need to refocus when the filter changes. The surfaces of the filters are optically polished and fully multi-coated


Customer Reviews

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Ilya S.
Solid full frame camera

Camera, it's a solid full frame which fits seamlessly and nicely into ASIAIR eco-system. Cooling works miracles, image quality is amazing, as advertised, no amp glow of any sorts nor any other issues.
Filter wheel works as expected, has a full set of all fittings and fixings to install either mounted or unmounted filters. Worked flawlessly the first time, all filter positioning were flawless. This thing is massive though.
Filters themselves (ZWO filters) are ok in image quality, however, being a mounted filters, they have a significantly reduced glass area (48mm) which introduces some very significant vignetting. There are some other reviews referring to ZWO itself admitting that these filters are not the best for the full frame camera.
However, flat frames bring image vignetting to an acceptable quality, so for anyone looking to start with mono-camera and filters, it's a good starting point before investing into any unmounted 50mm or alternative solutions to manage vignetting.
Overall, i am happy with this purchase, although at this stage have no real chance to test it out more thoroughly due to the weather.

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