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The ZWO ASI294MM Pro Kit 1 includes the following items:


The ZWO ASI 294MM PRO is a highly versatile monochrome cooled camera with a large sensor which is ideal for wide field astrophotography. This new mono version of the ASI294 features the Sony IMX492 back-illuminated sensor which is natively binned 2x2 to give 4.63 µm pixels, ideal for long focal length telescopes, but can be unbinned to give small 2.3 µm pixels for wide focal length scopes such as refractors.

The ASI294MM Pro has an outstanding QE value with a peak of 90%, ultra-low read noise of 1.2e- and full well capacity of 66,387e-. The camera has a 14-bit ADC with a high dynamic range of 13 stops, higher than the popular ASI1600MM Pro.


The ZWO Electronic Filter Wheel weighs only 400 grams, it is CNC machined and the optical thickness is only 20mm. This model can take 8 x 1.25″ mounted or 31mm unmounted filters.

The power absorption of the EFW is only 120mAh @ 5V so any USB cable can power it up. The distance between the filter and sensor of the Pro cameras like the ASI1600 is circa 10mm. This close distance prevents any vignetting with 1.25″ filters for telescopes up to f/5. For f/2 lenses/telescopes it is necessary to use 31mm filters.


The ZWO 1.25" LRGB and SHO filters are specifically designed for cameras with small sensors or telescopes with a focal ratio equal or bigger than f/5.

The width of the LRGB bandpass is balanced with the spectral response of the ZWO cameras, balancing the exposure of each channel with the ratio of 1:1:1. That means the exposure time in red is equal to the exposure time in green and in blue.

The bandpass of the narrowband filters is 7nm, which effectively blocks 98% of the unwanted light. As a result, the signal to noise ratio between the light of the nebulae (signal) and the noise (moonlight, light pollution, airglow) is highly increased. 

The filters are parfocal so there is no need to refocus when the filter changes. The surfaces of the filters are optically polished and fully multi-coated

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