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Testar Australia inspects and tests used/demo instruments and guarantees its quality. This SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro is in good cosmetic with minor pain scuffs but works perfectly.

  • All photos reflect the real condition of the item and are not taken from catalogues. What you see is what you get.
  • Every second hand/demo item is guaranteed with a 12 months warranty against defects.

This used mount has been tested in real conditions under the sky. We guided a real star using a 600mm telescope and a guiding camera obtaining a pixel scale of 1" in order to verify the quality of the mount and the tracking accuracy. The minimum guiding time is 30 minutes that is sufficient to highlight and collect the periodic error and average the RMS. Then, we compare the tracking accuracy with the data obtain from other mounts to verify if the performance is in the norm.


Guiding time 33 minutes
Telescope used
SkyWatcher Evostar ED80 (F.600mm)
Periodic error 5.9"
Total RMS tracking accuracy
Right Ascension RMS tracking accuracy 
Declination RMS tracking accuracy  0.76"
PHD2 Tracking info Guiding Begins at 2021-06-13 20:45:42
Equipment Profile = ZWO 290 + 80ED 600mm
Dither = both axes, Dither scale = 1.000, Image noise reduction = none, Guide-frame time lapse = 0, Server enabled
Pixel scale = 1.00 arc-sec/px, Binning = 1, Focal length = 600 mm
Search region = 50 px, Star mass tolerance = 50.0%, Single-star mode
Camera = ZWO ASI290MM, gain = 30, full size = 1936 x 1096, no dark, no defect map, pixel size = 2.9 um
Exposure = 2500 ms
Mount = EQMOD HEQ5/6 (ASCOM), connected, guiding enabled, xAngle = 79.8, xRate = 6.566, yAngle = 166.5, yRate = 8.850, parity = +/+
Norm rates RA = 6.5"/s @ dec 0, Dec = 8.8"/s; ortho.err. = 3.3 deg
X guide algorithm = Hysteresis, Hysteresis = 0.100, Aggression = 1.000, Minimum move = 0.310
Y guide algorithm = Resist Switch, Minimum move = 0.310 Aggression = 100% FastSwitch = enabled
Backlash comp = enabled, pulse = 556 ms
Max RA duration = 2500, Max DEC duration = 2714, DEC guide mode = Auto
RA Guide Speed = 7.5 a-s/s, Dec Guide Speed = 7.5 a-s/s, Cal Dec = -0.0, Last Cal Issue = Rates, Timestamp = 13/06/2021 8:45:41 PM
RA = 14.26 hr, Dec = -0.0 deg, Hour angle = 0.05 hr, Pier side = East, Rotator pos = N/A, Alt = 56.2 deg, Az = 358.6 deg
Lock position = 492.967, 716.861, Star position = 492.967, 716.861, HFD = 3.73 px



The Sky-Watcher HEQ Pro Mount is a portable mount for visual observers and professional astrophotographers who want a solid and reliable solution with a payload of up to 14kg. 

With a mount head weight of 10kg this professional mount is ideal to be carried anywhere in search of dark skies and solar eclipses. The integrated bubble level and the adjustable tripod legs make the levelling easy. The azimuth and altitude axis can be adjusted for a precise polar alignment (polar scope included).

The HEQ5
 is compatible with the Ascom drivers but also allows to guide with the ST4 protocol. The periodic error can be reduced through the PPEC (Permanent Periodic Error Correction). 

The SynScan computerised go-to system has a database with 42,900 objects to quickly locate and slew to target. It has 9 slewing speeds up to 800 times the sidereal speed (3.3°/sec).

The Vixen dovetail saddle can hold Vixen bars.


Download the HEQ 5 Pro User Manual
Download the HEQ 5 Pro motor board firmware 


Mount type

German equatorial

Payload capacity

13.5 kg

Latitude range

10° to 65°

Dovetail saddle

Accepts Vixen and Losmandy bars

Tripod height

97 ~ 121 cm


9.8 kg (head) + 5.6 kg (tripod)

Counterweight bar

Ø 18 mm, length 215 mm

Power requirement

DC 12~13 V  2 Amp


1.8 º step angle and 64 micro steps driven

Tracking rate

Sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate

Auto guiding speed

0.25 x, 0.5 x, 0.75 x, 1 x

Pointing accuracy

Up to 5 arc-minutes (RMS)



  • SkyWatcher HEQ5 PRO mount
  • SkyWatcher USB adapter
  • Steel tripod
  • Counterweights (2 x 5 kg, in the photo only one is shown)
  • Polar scope (Southern and Northern Hemisphere)
  • Hand controller holder (to be attached on the leg of the tripod)
  • Power supply cord (lighter plug)
  • Mount and SynScan user manual
  • The mount does not include the hand controller
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