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Geoptik reflecting sun cover


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Essential for visual observation or pictures of the sun, which is useful for the study of planets in daylight.

The sun cover is made of a semi rigid plastic panel with a silver mirror finish which reflects 100% of the solar rays, avoiding that the rays get in direct contact with the telescope or the CCD.

The special design of the brackets makes the universal kit characterizing:

You can use instruments up to 160mm in diameter
There are no issues with the distance between the rings
The ease of coupling and uncoupling of the reflecting surface
The creation of a space of air between the cover panel and the telescope
The disk, in front of the focuser, protects from direct sunlight and enables you to observe and shoot with CCD.

The kit includes a reflector panel and disk and stainless steel supports.


Length: 1000mm
Width: 500mm
Thickness: 1mm

A perfect match for this product is the CCD Cooling Fan #30B340 (optional).

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