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The Star Adventurer 2i Pro Kit is the new ultra portable WiFi-enabled equatorial mount kit ideal for small telescopes or for astrophotography with camera lenses up to 200-300mm in focal length. It fits on the majority of tripods via its 1/4″ and 3/8″ adapter. The mount satisfies all the needs of the astrophotographer: with a simple turn of the dial select lunar, solar or star tracking modes, or four speeds from 0.5x to 12x to create original time-lapse videos with your DSLR. It contains pre-programmed parameters to assist your DSLR via the optional shutter release cable.

In addition to the built-in WiFi with full smartphone control with the free app for iOS and Android devices, the new 2i version includes advanced firmware functions

The Star Adventurer mount features a Vixen style dovetail saddle for compatible accessories and optical tube assemblies. The mount can be powered up with 4 AA batteries or via mini USB port.

 SkyWatcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Kit


Precise Polar Alignment for Pinpoint Stars Astrophotography

The integrated polar scope with an included illuminator helps the polar alignment process in both the Northern or Southern hemispheres. That is a great advantage for achieving professional astronomical photos. The equatorial wedge is equipped with fine adjustment knobs in both azimuth and latitude axes for easy centering of the celestial pole without moving the tripod. In addition, the auto-guide system enhances the tracking in right ascension allowing longer exposures with telephoto lenses.

The included dovetail L-Bracket allows to connect a camera or a small telescope with the 1/4" screw. The bracket includes the attachment for the included counterweight bar, an extra ball head (3/8"screw) and a know for fine adjustment in declination. 

Integrated polar scope Tracking speeds Tracking dial


Mount type

German equatorial with WiFi

Payload capacity

5 kg

Latitude range


Dovetail saddle

Accepts Vixen bars and 1/4" screws


1.65 kg with declination bracket

Power requirement

4x AA batteries / mini USB port


1.8 º step angle and 64 micro steps driven

Tracking rate

Sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate, time lapse (12hr/4hr/2hr rev.)




2 years for electronic parts, 5 years for mechanical components





  • Star Adventurer 2i Mount Head (White)
  • Ball head adapter
  • Polar scope
  • Illuminator for polar scope
  • Adjustable Dovetail L-Bracket with declination fine adjustment
  • Equatorial wedge (White)
  • Counterweight shaft
  • 1 kg counterweight
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