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Has your Schmidt-Cassegrain followed you in countless starry nights but now it is not performing as well as it did back in the days? Is the focusing mechanism stiff and the optics opaque? Your telescope may need a full service.

Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes have a sophisticated mechanism that allows the mirror to slide and therefore to focus. Over the years, the grease used in this system needs to be replaced after a thorough decreasing and cleaning. This operation is not quick neither easy as it involves a full removal of all the optics from the tube. 

Testar Australia offers a complete servicing for your Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that includes:

  • full disassembly of the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope optical and mechanical components
  • cleaning, degreasing and regreasing of all the mechanical components

This full service will give new life to your telescope and it prevents the mechanical components to get damaged due to a lack of lubricant.



8" Aperture

$ 699.00

9.25" Aperture

$ 899.00

11" Aperture

$ 999.00

12" Aperture

$ 1199.00

14" Aperture

$ 1499.00


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