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The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope needs to be perfectly collimated to perform at its best. A minor optical misalignment causes a significant performance deterioration. 

A routine collimation consists of the alignment of the secondary mirror using a star at high magnification and high elevation. That could be challenging as the atmospheric turbulence makes the collimation uncertain and the stars move for any mirror adjustment. Also, a basic collimation of the secondary mirror is not sufficient as the correcting plate could be off-center. 

Testar offers the advance collimation service of Schmidt-Cassegrain that includes:

  • correcting plate centering
  • secondary mirror collimation
  • focuser collimation (when applicable)

We use the Hotech laser collimator that allows to achieve a perfect collimation and  centering of the optical elements.

A certificate of collimation will be released with the telescope.

We can organize a courier collection of your packed telescope directly from your home or office.


8" Aperture

$ 169.00

9.25" Aperture

$ 179.00

11" Aperture

$ 189.00

12" Aperture

$ 199.00

14" Aperture

$ 219.00

16" Aperture

$ 249.00



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