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The Saxon NEQ6 Pro Go-To is a heavy duty mount with the highest payload for its price. For visual observations it can hold f/5 Newtonians up to 250mm in diameter or f/8 refractors up to 150mm. For astrophotography the NEQ6 represents an affordable option for large instruments such as Newtonians up to 200mm in diameter or refractors up to 120mm.

It includes a polar scope with the southern hemisphere reference, an integrated bubble level and an adjustable tripod for a quick set up.

It is compatible with the Ascom drivers but also allows to guide with the ST4 protocol. The periodic error can be reduced through the PPEC (Permanent Periodic Error Correction).

The SynScan computerised go-to system has a database with 42,900 objects to quickly locate and slew to target. It has 9 slewing speeds up to 800 times the sidereal speed (3.3°/sec).

The dual dovetail bar can accept Losmandy and Vixen style bars and the two tightening knobs do not directly touch the dovetail bar, avoiding marks on your telescope.

PDF iconDownload the NEQ user manual

Download the NEQ6 motor board firmware



Mount type

German equatorial

Payload capacity

20 kg (visual) / 18 kg (astrophotography)

Dovetail saddle

Accepts Vixen and Losmandy bars

Tripod height

85 cm ~ 147 cm


16 kg (head) + 7.5 kg (tripod)

Counterweight bar

Ø 18 mm, length 285 mm

Power requirement

DC 12~15 V 2 Amp


1.8 º step angle and 64 micro steps driven

Tracking rate

Sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate

Auto guiding speed

0.25 x, 0.5 x, 0.75 x, 1 x

Pointing accuracy

Up to 5 arc-minutes (RMS)





  • Saxon NEQ6 mount
  • Steel tripod
  • Counterweights (2 x 5 kg)
  • Polar Scope (Southern and Northern Hemisphere)
  • SynScan hand controller with cable (RS232 to RJ45)
  • Power supply cord (lighter plug)
  • Hand controller holder
  • Mount and SynScan user manual
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