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The QHY Mini Guide Scope is one of the lightest and most compact guide scopes on the market. With a diameter of 30 mm, focal length of 130 mm and fast focal ratio of f/4.3 finding a suitable bright guide star is easy. Broadband anti-reflection coating on the achromatic lens assures sharp star images thus improving the tracking accuracy of the system.

The front threaded focusing design with locking screw greatly simplifies the focusing mechanism without compromising accuracy. A number is engraved on the front focus ring to make it easy to remember the focus position. It can even be replaced with a short screw to permanently lock it in place once good focus is achieved.

The guide scope can be connected to QHY-5 series cameras with the included mounting adapter, along with any camera that has a CS connection.


Focal length
130 mm
Focal ratio
30 mm
Camera interface
C/CS Mount
OTA diameter
31.6 mm
Front focuser with digit mark and lock
111 g
SKU QHY-miniGuiderscope-WM
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