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The QHY 367C Pro is a top performing cooled camera. It contains the Sony IMX 094 front illuminated sensor, the same sensor that is used in the Nikon D800/810 DSLR cameras. It has large pixels with a size of 4.88µm and full well capacity of 56,000 e-Unlike DSLR cameras, the QHY 367C Pro offers true RAW image output that only records the signal without artefacts. Standard DSLR's have the RAW output option but the file is altered with noise reduction and hot pixel removal, undermining the maximum post processing capabilities and final quality of the image.

This camera has a two-stage TEC cooling system that brings the temperature of the sensor 45C° below ambient for a low noise imaging, even in warm climates. The dark current at -15°C is only 0.0015 electron/pixel/second. In addition to thermoelectric cooling, QHYCCD employs a unique thermal noise control technology to reduce CMOS sensor noise to a very low value without affecting the integrity of the raw image. The QHYCCD proprietary technology produces a much better noise reduction than any other astronomy camera in the market. QHYCCD has more than 10 years of experience designing cooled cameras. The QHY 367C Pro employs a full anti-dew technology for both CCD sensor cover glass and the sensor chamber optical window.

The 128 Mbyte DDR2 memory buffer facilitates the download of images to the computer, especially when USB traffic is high, the writing speed of your computer is slow or occupied in other processes. 

In order to avoid halos around bright stars, the QHY 367C Pro has an AR coated optical window on both sides rather than the common IR/UV cut window. Also, the protection glass of the sensor is AR coated to maximize light transmission and minimize internal reflections. For a better RGB colour balance, it is recommended to use a UV/IR cut filter. 

Every QHY 367C Pro camera is carefully calibrated with a high-precision axis measurement device. Orthogonal placement of the sensor in the camera body is guaranteed to be flat to the image plane with a precision better than +/-20µm across the sensor, from edge to edge, so there is no need to adjust the camera tilt. This is an enormous advantage especially in fast telescopes such as F/2.8-F/4 astrographs that are very sensitive to tilted sensors.

The QHY 367C Pro has zero amplifier glow no matter how long the exposure is.



Sensor Sony IMX094 Full Frame front illuminated CMOS - COLOUR
Resolution 36 Megapixels 7376 x 4938
Pixel size 4.88 µm
Sensor size 36 mm x 24 mm (43.27 mm diagonal)
Quantum efficiency >80%
Exposure range 100µs-3600s
Read noise 2.4e- at unity gain ; 3.2e- at low gain
Dark current 0.0015e-/pixel/sec @ -15C
Dynamic range >17,000:1 (More than 14 Stops)
Full well capacity 56,000 e-
Bit rate 14 bit ADC
Frame rate 3.2 fps at full resolution (14 bits)
Shutter type Electronic rolling shutter
Cooling ΔT of 45°C Dual Stage TEC cooler
Memory buffer 128 MByte
ROI Supported
Optical window AR coated (both sides)
AR coating on sensor YES
Ports USB 3.0, CFW
Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Back focus 17.5 mm
Connections M54 x 0.75 female thread (embedded in camera dovetail adapter)
Dimensions Ø 90 mm; ↨ 107.5 mm
Weight 678 gr
Power supply 12V 3A  (2.1×5.5 mm connector)




 QHY has designed a number of adapter/spacer kits for the 367C for different setups:

Connection to coma corrector requiring 55mm backfocus and M48 interface

Connection to Canon EF lens
Connection to Nikon F lens



  • QHY 367C Pro
  • USB 3.0 cable (1.5m)
  • Screw jack power cable (5.5-2.1mm male jack with locking nut to 5.5-2.1mm female jack)
  • Lighter plug adapter to 5.5-2.1mm power jack
  • Desiccant Drying Tube (desiccant not included)
  • Camera dovetail to M54 x 0.75 adapter with 3 thumb screws at 120°
  • M54 x 0.75 to 2"adapter (2.5mm optical thickness, M48 x 0.75 internal thread for standard 2" filters)



    Guide to installing QHY and ASCOM drivers for QHYCCD cameras.

    ZWO camera software QHY camera drivers

    ZWO camera software QHY 367C manual


    Michele Trungadi - SharpStar 200 f/3.2, QHY367C Full Frame - M42 - HDR Composition of 9 x 30 sec. + 9 x 120 sec. + 9 x 360 sec.

    Michele Trungadi - SharpStar 200 f/3.2, QHY367C Full Frame - Andromeda Galaxy - 34 x 300 sec.


    Michele Trungadi - SharpStar 200 f/3.2, QHY367C Full Frame - Cepheus - 55 x 600 sec.


    Michele Trungadi - SharpStar 200 f/3.2, QHY367C Full Frame - IC 1396 - 10 x 600 sec.


    Michele Trungadi - SharpStar 200 f/3.2, QHY367C Full Frame - LDN1622 - 49 x 600 sec.


    Michele Trungadi - SharpStar 200 f/3.2, QHY367C Full Frame - Cono Fox IC447 - 15 x 600 sec. - mosaic of 2 panels

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