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The QHY 183C Pro is a cooled colour camera ideal for telescopes with short and medium focal lengths. It contains the Sony IMX 183 Exmor R, a back-illuminated CMOS sensor with a quantum efficiency of 84% (monochrome version).

QHY 183C Pro colour cooled CMOS deep sky astronomy camera

The pixels have a size of only 2.4µm, making this camera ideal for small refractors and Newtonian telescopes. For example, this camera combined with a 400mm telescope offers a pixel scale of 1.25"/pixel and a field of 1.89° x 1.26°, ideal for objects like the Lagoon Nebula (M8), Orion Nebula (M42) or the Horsehead Nebula. With a 800mm telescope, the pixel scale reduces to 0.62"/pixel and the field to 0.91° x 0.63° for a tighter framing of smaller nebulae such as the Omega (M17), Eagle (M16), Helix (NGC 7293) or the Sculptor Galaxy.


The 128MB DDR II memory buffer facilitates the download of images to the computer, especially when USB traffic is high, the writing speed of your computer is slow or occupied in other processes. A 16-bit image of the 183C Pro is about 40MB in size so 128MB memory is more than sufficient to provisionally store a few full resolution images while the computer is writing the image to the disk.

This camera has a two-stage TEC cooling system that brings the temperature of the sensor 40C° - 45C° below ambient for low noise imaging, even in warm climates. The dark current at -15°C is only 0.0024 electron/pixels. The sensor chamber is sealed and the protecting window heater prevents the formation of dew. 

The QHY 183C Pro incorporates the Amp-Glow technology to significantly reduce the typical CMOS sensor amplifier glow to a minimum, allowing to easily subtract any residual effect with dark frames. The optical window has an IR/UV cut coating which is necessary for a correct colour balance, the glass that protects the sensor is AR coated for a superior light transmission. 


Sensor Sony IMX183 BSI CMOS - COLOUR
Resolution 20 Megapixels 5544 x 3692
Pixel size 2.4 µm
Sensor size 13.3 mm x 8.87 mm (16 mm diagonal)
Quantum efficiency 84% (Monochrome)
Exposure range 50µs-3600s
Read noise 1.0e- at high gain ; 2.7e- at lowest gain
Dark current 0.0024e/pixel/sec @ -15C
Full well capacity 15,500 e-
Bit rate 12 bit
Frame rate 19 fps at full resolution (8 bit)
Shutter type Rolling shutter
Cooling ΔT of 40°C - 45°C Dual Stage TEC cooler
Memory buffer 128Mb DDR II
ROI Supported
Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Optical window IR/UV cut
AR coating on sensor YES
Ports USB 3.0, ST4, CFW
Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Back focus 17.5 mm
Connections M42 x 0.75
Dimensions Ø 77 mm; ↨ 92.50 mm
Weight 650 g
Power supply 12V 3A  (2.1×5.5 mm connector)




  • QHY 183C Pro
  • USB 3.0 cable (1.5m)
  • ST4 cable
  • Screw jack power cable (5.5-2.1mm male jack with locking nut to 5.5-2.1mm female jack)
  • Desiccant Drying Tube (desiccant not included)
  • M42 x 0.75mm to 1.25"adapter




    Guide to installing QHY and ASCOM drivers for QHYCCD cameras. 


    ZWO camera software QHY camera drivers

    ZWO camera software QHY 183C Pro manual

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