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Click here for guide to installing the EAGLE onto your telescope.


More processing power with low power consumption

The EAGLE 4S is a more powerful version of the EAGLE 4. With its Dual Core i3 processor (with Turbo Mode up to 3,9 GHz), 8 GB fast memory, larger SSD (240 GB) and added Thunderbolt 3 port with USB-C with high speed 40 Gbps connectivity, EAGLE 4S offers even more power for complex applications.

The EAGLE 4 is a full Windows 10 Enterprise computer that is 100% compatible with any software and driver created for Windows 10 64 bit. 

Prime Luce Lab Eagle 4 S Features

Prima Luce Lab Eagle comparison


Improve your telescope cable management with EAGLE: the same telescope without the EAGLE (to the left) and with the EAGLE (to the right).


Compatible with any telescope

Thanks to the many threaded holes on the EAGLE’s chassis and the PLUS system rings, dovetail bars & dovetail clamps, connecting the EAGLE to your telescope is easy. With EAGLE your telescope will have less cables and shorter runs, drastically reducing the potential for snagging or detaching during imaging. The EAGLE also has lower power consumption, reducing the battery capacity needed to power your rig all night long. The small amount of internal heat generated by the processor slightly warms the chassis of the EAGLE, helping to prevent dew from forming on body or EYE lens.


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 works with any telescope - Newtonian reflector, refractor, Schmidt Cassegrain, and more

8 USB ports - four fast USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports that can be remotely turned ON/OFF

EAGLE allows you to connect and control many devices and allows you to remotely turn on/off the USB 2.0 ports instead of having to manually unplug or plug cables! The four USB 3.0 ports mean you can connect and use the latest fast USB 3.0 cameras.


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 features 8 USB ports


Advanced power bridge with 7 ports


The EAGLE has a separate 12V power input that can run on up to 16 amps. Using a special internal board, power is distributed to seven outputs - four 12V power out ports are designed to power your camera, mount, focuser, or other 12v devices. Three 0-12V variable power out ports are designed to power dew heaters (these ports can also be automated with the optional ECCO environmental module). A special microcontroller allows you to adjust (+- 1A) the maximum current limit of the 12V ports - if you want to connect a device to a 3A max port and that device has a maximum power consumption of 4A, you can increase the port limit to 4A.

Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 features 7 power ports for 12V devices and dew heaters

GPS with high gain antenna

To control your telescope with maximum precision, it’s very important you provide your geographical position and local time in a very precise way. The integrated GPS sensor the EAGLE now automatically detects your telescope elevation, latitude, longitude and local time, even if you see only part of the sky (and even if you install the EAGLE in an observatory within a dome!).


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 GPS sensor with high gain antenna

EAGLE EYE to monitor sky quality

The new EYE sensor automatically measures the sky brightness (in mag/sq arcsec) with a 5 degree field of view where your telescope is pointed, allowing you to monitor the sky all night long. EAGLE 4 has two EYE sensors, one on each end. The lens can be easily switched between sensors to match where your telescope is pointing.


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 EYE sky quality sensor

DARK mode to turn off all the LED lights

EAGLE 4 features a DARK mode feature, allowing you to instantly turn off all the LED lights on the EAGLE for star parties where uncontrolled light may disturb others!


Prima Luce Lab Dark Mode

EAGLE Manager interface to easily control all the EAGLE’s features

Enable/Disable every 12V power out port
Check for GPS data: elevation, latitude, longitude, date, time and number of connected satellites
Check for EYE sky quality
Set the power out voltage of the 3 x 0-12V power out ports and increase or decrease the power to dew heaters connected to EAGLE
Activate DARK mode
Connect or disconnect devices connected to the four USB 2.0 ports in case a reset is needed
Check power consumption and battery lifetime
Set WiFi connectivity
Set automatic power routines: you can define port status “After power on” and “Before shut down” for the devices connected to the EAGLE


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 EAGLE Manager software interface

Powerful and fast dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz) WiFi 802.11ac

You can control the EAGLE through a free dedicated app, available on any smartphone, tablet or personal computer running Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android. If you like, you can also configure the EAGLE to connect to a pre-existing WiFi or wired/ethernet network allowing remote access via the internet - perfect for remote observatories! 


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 features dual-band WiFi 802.11ac

Thunderbolt 3 port for high speed connectivity

EAGLE 4 S adds an incredibly fast and powerful Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C allowing connections up to 40 Gbps and capable of providing up to 15 W.  It allows you to connect as many as 6 devices daisy chained together.


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 Pro Thunderbolt 3 port


Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4 Compared to mini PC

Performance comparison with a typical mini PC.

Prima Luce Lab Eagle different version comparison



  • EAGLE 4 S
  • 2 WiFi antennas
  • GPS antenna
  • 12V power cable with cigarette plug for EAGLE - 250cm
  • Four M6x8 screws, four M6x10 screws, four M6x12 screws, four M6x18 screws, four M6x25 screws, four M6x35 screws
  • Quick guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mark Ogden
Does the job - well

I had been a bit frustrated with other controllers but having an operating system that is well known really made using this much simpler and easier to understand. Works very well and has really made my imaging sessions significantly more productive and less frustrating.

While a bit more expensive (hey it's Italian), it works and works well.

Also very good support from Testar which helps a lot.

Scott Towers-Hammond
Cable Management a breeze

Really impressed with the well appointed and thought out design of this all in one marvel.

A lot more robust than a regular mini PC and the I3 processor and 8 gig of RAM runs all my imaging software well.

Adriano from Testar was extremely helpful and patient with me and I would recommend his company to anyone

Richard Posener
Prima Luce Lab Eagle 4S

I'm very happy with the purchase of the Eagle 4 S, and I was very pleased with the technical support provided by Adriano (plus the detailed, online Eagle manual) in the initial stages of setting it up. The Eagle 4, itself, runs smoothly and efficiently, both in its power distribution function and its remote control capacity. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

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