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Forget having to connect your telescope to a laptop with lengthy cables and high capacity batteries. With the patented EAGLE3 (European Patent EP3335078) you will spend less time setting up your equipment and more time imaging! In a single control unit you have:

  • a powerful Windows 10 Enterprise computer
  • a fast SSD disk that is ideal for high resolution imaging with a fast USB 3.0 camera
  • 8 USB ports (4 high speed USB 3.0 ports plus 4 USB 2.0 ports that can be remotely turned on/off)
  • an advanced power distribution system for all your imaging accessories with 7 power output ports (4 x 12V plus 3 x variable 0-12V ports for dew heater control)
  • a special Wi-Fi system to remotely control the telescope from any smartphone, tablet or external computer (including Mac).

Everything is controlled via the EAGLE Manager software and housed in a rigid aluminum case designed to fit the PLUS accessories.

Digital astrophotography can be complicated. If you want to take the best photos of the night sky you will need a telescope, a mount, a camera and a long list of accessories such as a guide camera, a motorized focuser and a dew heater. Then, they all need to be powered up and controlled with specific software. This can quickly turn any telescope into a complicated mess of tangled cables! EAGLE solves this problem and makes astrophotography quicker and easier!

Prima Luce Lab Eagle

Having Windows 10 installed, Eagle is compatible with:
  • all astrophotography software like MaximDL, Sequence Generator Pro, PRISM, PHD Guiding, TheSkyX, BackyardEOS/Nikon, Sky Charts, ASCOM platform, SharpCap, FireCapture, Nebulosity
  • all devices with Windows 10 software and drivers from many manufacturers including 10Micron, Atik, Avalon-Instruments, Canon, Celestron, Gemini Telescope Design, Losmandy, Moravian, Nikon, PlaneWave, QHYCCD, QSI, SBIG, SkyWatcher, Software Bisque, Starlight Xpress, ZWO.

EAGLE has been recognized as Hot Product 2017 by the famous American astronomy magazine Sky & Telescope!

Technical comment by Filippo: "EAGLE3 is not only a computer, it's the innovative control unit that controls all the telescope’s devices and powers them all. When I’m at home, I control my EAGLE powered telescope in my backyard and from my living room. When I move searching for the best clear sky, the telescope is in the field and I stay in my warm car to control it! Thanks to the low power consumption, I don’t need big batteries, I can power all my devices also with a compact light lithium battery."

EAGLE 3: main features and advantages

EAGLE 3 uses:

  • a 2.0 GHz Celeron processor (J4005 dual-core with Burst Mode up to 2.7 GHz and 4MB cache)
  • 4 GB fast DDR4L RAM memory designed for low power consumption
  • 120GB SSD drive.
In this way you have the power you need to run any astrophotography software with a device that can be powered with your battery. No more costly and cumbersome inverters for your laptop.
Prima Luce Lab Eagle  

Different from traditional spinning hard disks, the SSD drive has no moving parts, it is faster and more durable over time. With the flexibility of the EAGLE you can save your pictures on the SSD drive or you can download them all on a flash drive. EAGLE’s internal components are designed to be used on the field on an extended temperature range. Humidity does not affect the Eagle as it generates sufficient heat to avoid any dew condensation.

Prima Luce Lab Eagle

Thanks to EAGLE3 you won't need an external control computer. A smaller and lighter battery will be sufficient to power all your devices and you will use less and shorter cables.

Prima Luce Lab Eagle

The advanced power bridge with 7 power output ports allows you to power devices directly through the EAGLE. In this way you can remove all the other power adapters needed for your 12V devices. The EAGLE has a separate 12V power input that is certified to carry up to 16 amps. The distribution board includes:

  • 4 x 12V ports designed to power your camera, mount, focus motor or other 12v devices. These ports are equipped with screw type connections to prevent unwanted detachment of the cables.
  • 3 x 0-12V variable ports are intended to power up the dew heaters without the need of an external controller. To optimize the power consumption, the voltage of these ports can be automated and regulated by the optional ECCO environmental module for EAGLE.
Every power port comes with a resettable fuse that, in case of problems or overcurrents, temporarily disconnects power from the port and re-activates it once the problem is fixed. 

Prima Luce Lab Eagle

The integrated Wi-Fi system allows you to remotely control your telescope from any device. To operate EAGLE you do not need a keyboard and a mouse and you can control it through a free dedicated app available on any smartphone, tablet or personal computer running Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android:

  1. Turn the EAGLE on
  2. Enable your device's Wi-Fi connection and select the Wi-Fi network provided by the EAGLE
  3. Launch the remote control app and you will have EAGLE desktop on your screen with the access to all your astrophotography software
  4. If you like, you can also configure the EAGLE to connect to a pre-existing Wi-Fi or wired/ethernet network allowing the remote access via the internet - perfect for remote observatories!
Considering that EAGLE does not use VNC or other software for remote control, it is faster and more stable. For your safety, each EAGLE device creates a unique Wi-Fi network and password to avoid any issue with any other EAGLE user in the same field.

Prima Luce Lab Eagle

Every EAGLE is made by CNC machined aluminum. It is fully compatible with all the PLUS accessories and it is so rigid that it can easily bear a telescope up to 5kg without introducing any flexure.

EAGLE drastically reduces the potential for cable dragging, snagging or detaching while your telescope is tracking or slewing. The EAGLE case has several M5 and M6 threaded holes to seamlessly attach the PLUS accessories (support rings, guide rings, dovetail bars or dovetail clamps).

EAGLE3, control unit for telescopes and astrophotography

Do you want to automate the dew heaters temperature? Just add ECCO, the Environmental Computerized COntrolled for EAGLE. ECCO automatically and continuously monitors the humidity of the air and the temperature of your lenses thought a probe. It calculates the dew point (the temperature below which dew condenses) and power up the dew heater just of the right amount. This has the advantage to save power and limit the turbulence introduced by excessive heat generated by uncontrolled dew heaters.

Ecco and Eagle


Telescope control: the EAGLE Manager

EAGLE includes EAGLE Manager software that shows all devices connected, their power consumption and it allows you to:

  • Enable/Disable every 12V port so you can keep all your devices connected (including your mount, CCD camera, filter wheel, etc.) and activate them remotely when you turn on the entire system. Each port shows the current consumption
  • Regulate the voltage of the three 0-12V ports to adjust the heat generated by the dew heater. Each port shows the amount of power absorbed
  • Remotely switching off the 4 USB 2.0 ports. This feature is convenient in case of temporary crash of an autoguider or planetary camera which can then be reset without manually disconnecting and reconnecting the cable.
  • Check the power consumption and your battery lifetime. If you power your EAGLE with a battery, you can set its ampere capacity and EAGLE will calculate the battery discharge time!
  • Set the Wi-Fi connectivity on access Point mode for field use (use your smartphone, tablet or external computer by connecting directly to EAGLE without the need of a WiFi router) or HOST mode for connecting to your existing network such as the home one.
  • Remotely turn on/off the entire telescope when controlled through a network cable. After switching on the EAGLE, the user can remotely activate all the connected devices and use the telescope. At the end of the session, first turn off the devices (camera, mount etc.) and then the EAGLE.

EAGLE3, control unit for telescopes and astrophotography


In order to make the EAGLE system more efficient, Prima Luce Lab produces special power cables for different devices like mounts or cameras. The EAGLE-compatible power cables have an instrument power jack on one end and the EAGLE screw-in connector on the other end to prevent power cables accidentally being disconnected.

Prima Luce Lab offers a large variety of certified power cables for many devices. If the cable for your equipment is not present among the list of cables, Prima Luce Lab can build it for you.


  • EAGLE 3 unit
  • 2 Wi-Fi antennas
  • Lighter plug 12V power in cable for EAGLE - 250cm
  • n.4 M6 x 8 screws + n.4 M6 x 12 screws + n.4 M5 x 8 screws
  • USB drive with user manual.


EAGLE3, control unit for telescopes and astrophotography

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My best astro equipment

I have two Eagles for two portable mounts and they are really great!

I do astrophotography from remote locations, and most of the time I spend within my car waiting for exposures. No more cables around me. No more fear of accidental disconnection od USB or power port.

I control both telescopes wirelessly from just one small PC, having two remote desktop connections on the same computer. It cannot be simpler than that.

Among all other advantages, my Eagles are serving as counterweights too, since I mounted them on the counterweight side of telescope.

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