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Pier tripod
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The Sky-Watcher EQ8 is the observatory class mount with a staggering payload of 50kg and sub arcsecond tracking accuracy (RMS), a great choice for the professional astrophotographer with a permanent set-up.

To enhance the overall stability, the EQ8 has a non rotatable counterweight bar and a 200mm long Losmandy style saddle for a more stable connection with your telescope. The saddle has three knobs to secure the telescope.

It is compatible with the Ascom drivers but also allows to guide with the ST4 protocol. The periodic error can be reduced through the PPEC (Permanent Periodic Error Correction). 

Two home position sensors will guide the mount as part of the shutdown procedure, storing the alignment details for a quick setup for your next observing session.

The EQ8 is equipped with a SNAP port for dual control of camera shutter release. Working with the SynScan hand control’s “camera control” function, you can take batch exposures of up to 8 groups of “exposure-time & frames”.

In the R.A. axis, the transmission between the motor and the worm drive is performed by a belt. That reduces the long period periodic error and therefore improves the guiding accuracy.

The declination axis employ a flexible joint between the motor and the worm drive that reduces the backlash if compared to the classic gear transmission. 

The heavy duty and stable pier tripod uses a gear mechanism to firmly connect the EQ8. The high can be changed by rising the pier and the mount can be levelled by using the separate "feet jack" that are supplied for each foot. The EQ8 can be purchased with or without the tripod.



Mount type

German equatorial

Payload capacity

50 kg

Latitude range

10° to 65°

Azimuth adjustment

± 10°

Dovetail saddle

Accepts Losmandy bars only


25 kg (head) + 2.6 kg (counterweight bar)

Pier - tripod weight

29.4 kg

Pier - tripod height

800 mm ~ 1100 mm

Counterweight rod

Ø 31.5 mm

Power requirement

DC 11~16 V  4 Amp


0.9 º Hybrid Stepper Motor

Tracking rate

Sidereal rate, solar rate, lunar rate

Auto guiding speed

0.125 x, 0.25 x , 0.5 x, 0.75 x, 1 x

Pointing accuracy

Up to 5 arc-minutes (RMS)


SWEQ8 (with pier tripod); SWEQ8-NOPIER (without pier tripod)



  • SkyWatcher EQ8 mount
  • Steel tripod (only for the version that includes the tripod)
  • Counterweights (2 x 10 kg)
  • SynScan hand controller with cable (RJ45 to RJ45)
  • Power supply cord (lighter plug)
  • Transport case for the mount head
  • Mount and SynScan user manual
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