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The Bahtinov or focusing mask is a brilliant aid to get a perfect focus. When the telescope is pointed toward a bright star, the mask generates the typical pattern that makes the focusing procedure easy. Adjust the focus of your telescope till you will see a symmetrical pattern.


Aluminium alloy / plastic (TSBahtinov250 and TSBahtinov290)
1 - 2 mm
SKU 65mm - 100mm mask W2381AD
SKU 85mm - 120mm mask W2381AA
SKU 105mm - 150mm mask W2381AB
SKU 150mm - 200mm mask W2381AC
SKU 175mm - 220mm mask W2381AE
SKU 250mm - 285mm mask TSBahtinov250
SKU 290mm - 340mm mask TSBahtinov290
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