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The Baader Torque Wrench for the 10 Micron GM1000 HPS allows you to easily tighten the RA/DEC axis knobs to the required level without danger of overtightening or in cold weather when wearing gloves. Includes a built-in torque indicator.


Baader Torque Wrench for 10 Micron GM1000


This wrench is called RA / DEC torque wrench – because it is NOT a flat spanner for the bottom plate. You should never tighten “until the blood runs out” – for that the wrench is NOT suitable. This wrench is made to enable a tightening/opening of the axis knobs – with sensitivity – so that they can be operated more easily than with bare fingers, but not as tight as with a heavy spanner. Note the above animation and, in particular, the position of the thumb in the two recessed grips.

Screen 1: starting position – tighten the axis knob by hand
Screen 2: attach Baader RA / DEC torque wrench properly
Screen 3: light clutch preload – with finger in the front grip and pointer deflection on the first index tooth from the center
Screen 4: maximum preload – with the finger in the rear grip and with maximum pointer deflection (the pointer touches very lightly the inside of the wrench)
Screen 5: Please DO NOT overtighten!

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