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The Askar ACL200 F/4  is a 4-element apochromatic refractor with a built-in 2-element corrector and two ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses, with the form factor of a traditional telephoto lens. Unlike traditional camera lenses, the ACL200 is designed specifically for the demands of astrophotography and is perfectly corrected across a full-frame image circle and has minimal chromatic aberration and distortion. Perfect for wide-field imaging on star trackers and compact enough to travel with.

Note: Unlike typical camera lenses, this is manual focus only.


  • Focal length 200mm
  • Adjustable focal ratio from F/4 to F/22 with 50mm aperture
  • Coarse and fine focus rings for smooth and accurate manual focus adjustment with 1mm precision
  • Standard Vixen dovetail plate with 3/8" and 1/4" female threads for connecting to camera tripods
  • 360° rotatable collar for quick and easy framing of targets
  • Included metal lens hood to keep out stray light and dew
  • Compatible with 82mm screw-in filters or 2" screw-in filters with included adapter
  • 135mm body length (without hood) and lightweight at 1.8kg


 In order to reach the correct back focus distance of 55mm with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera, a camera-specific T-ring and additional adapters may be required:





Optical design

Apochromatic Sextuplet with two ED elements

Objective diameter

50 mm

Focal length

200 mm

Focal ratio


Mount attachment

Arca-Swiss style tripod foot with 3/8" and 1/4" threads


Coarse and fine manual focus rings

Focus distance 3 m - infinity

Camera connection

M48x0.75 male thread with 5mm height (camera ring sold separately)


55 mm

Lens weight

1.8 kg

Lens length

135 mm, 195 mm with hood


100 mm with hood




  Lens external components. 
Back focus distance.
Camera connection diagram. Filter connection diagram.



Orion with C/2020 M3 comet - Askar ACL200 Astro Lens, Sony A7R III, Hobym Crux 140 mount - 150x120s.




 Heart & Soul nebulae - Askar ACL200 Astro Lens, by Andrea Maggi.



Using the ACL200 as a macro lens with optional extension tubes - by Andrea Maggi.

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Maggi

The Askar 200 is a lens designed mainly for astronomical use but excells at traditional photography.
For astronomical use, I really appreciated the focusing system with double rings - the first is used for traditional focusing while the second ring is used to refine the focus with extreme precision. Once the optimal position is reached, the focus can be locked by a ring nut with a screw in order to avoid any movement.
Another thing I found useful is the 2-inch internal filter holder, just unscrew the rear part and you access the compartment with the thread to screw in any filter.
The lens comes with a practical unscrewable upper bracket that can accommodate various accessories such as the ASIAIR, mini pc, guide telescopes etc. while the lower dovetail is the classic Vixen-style. The lower dovetail ring has a release screw to rotate the lens in order to obtain the desired framing.
In the photographic field, by unscrewing the lens hood, you can mount a filter holder and use classic plate filters. Using extension rings it can be used as a macro lens with excellent results.

Taranjot Singh
Best lens to have for a DSLR.

This is a brilliant piece of glass. Well made, tough built to last forever and the best thing is the ease of using 2" filters without camera mods. Loved it. And a must buy ☺️

Thanks for being so helpful @Testar.

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