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The Antlia Filter Drawer Main Body forms the base of the Antlia Filter Drawer system. When combined with the wide range of available telescope-side and camera-side adapters, it becomes a powerfully versatile filter drawer, compatible with almost any setup on the market. 

The Antlia filter drawer system is composed of three parts - the main body base with an optical length of 20mm, plus telescope adapter and camera adapter, which are connected to the main body with four grub screws each.

All parts of the Antlia filter drawer system are made of aircraft aluminium and are CNC-machined and anodized.

Note: requires Antlia telescope & camera adapters and filter holder (sold separately).



Two different filter holders are available to suit either mounted 2" filters (#AN-B-2INCH) or unmounted 50mm round filters (#AN-B-50). Two strong magnets provide a secure fit and easy installation.

Three filter adapters are available to allow you to use smaller sized filters with the 2" holder:

  • #AN-B-4836 - adapter for 36mm unmounted filter onto 2” filter drawer.
  • #AN-B-4831 - adapter for 31mm unmounted filter onto 2” filter drawer.
  • #AN-B-48125 - adapter for 1.25" mounted filter onto 2” filter drawer.



Connection side A Antlia Filter Drawer dovetail
Connection side B Antlia Filter Drawer dovetail
Optical thickness 20 mm (not including telescope/camera adapters)


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