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The SkyWatcher 130 f/5 photographic Newton is a small and compact telescope optimized for astrophotography. In fact, its oversized secondary mirror provides a large illuminated field that is ideal for large camera sensors.

This telescope has a fast f/5 focal ratio and while the coma is still visible, it is 36% lower than the coma in a Newton f/4. This allows for the use of the photographic reflector on visual observations and high resolution imaging of planets and the moon.

The optional SkyWatcher coma corrector for f/5 Newton corrects the coma superbly, offering a large corrected field for astrophotography.

The 2" Crayford focuser is solid, precise and backlash free. It operates at two speeds due to the 10:1 reduction mechanism for an extra fine focusing adjustment, which is paramount for astrophotography and high resolution observations.

The oversized secondary mirror is collimable by using 3 grub screws and the offset can be adjusted by using the central spring loaded screw.

The primary mirror is collimable with 3 pairs of push & pull screws. 

The aluminium tube is internally blackened to avoid internal reflection, enhance contrast and to absorb stray light.



Optical design

Newton reflector 

Objective diameter

130 mm

Focal length

650 mm

Focal ratio


Secondary mirror

47 mm  (minor axis)

Linear obstruction

36 %

Resolving power

0.92 arc second

Stellar limiting magnitude


Max. magnification

260 x

Light gathering power

345 times the human eye

Mount attachment

Tube rings on Vixen style bar


Crayford dual speed (10:1)

Tube weight

3.66 kg

Tube length

615 mm

Tube diameter

160 mm





  • Newton 130 f/5
  • Tube rings on Vixen style bar
  • 6x30 finderscope
  • Eyepiece LET 28
  • 2" to M42 and 2" to 1.25" all in one adapter
  • Piggyback 1/4" screw with camera locking nut
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