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ASIAIR PRO is a smart Wi-Fi device which connects your cameras and telescope equipment and it allows to control them remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. It includes a lightweight power management module and 4 USB ports. The ASIAIR PRO is made of CNC machined aluminum, it is fully anodized and compact with a size of only 92 x 67 x 35mm.

The unit has M4 and 1/4" threaded holes that allow to connect the ASI AIR PRO to the optical tube using the finderscope bracket. 



The ASIAIR PRO is equipped with a lightweight power management module which includes four DC 5.5 x 2.1mm. There is also one DSLR shutter release port, 2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0 ports. The unit includes a Micro SD card with a free storage of 84GB.
Note: the ASI ASI6200/ASI2600/ASI533 cameras need a dedicated power supply.

 ASIAIR supports both iOS and Android systems

ASIAIR compatibility


  1.  User friendly interface

ASI AIR PRO interface

2. The focusing aid function allows to measure the HFD (Half Flux Diameter) of a selected star to reach the perfect focus.  

ASI AIR focusing

3. The polar alignment feature uses the plate-solving technology which recognises the star pattern in proximity of the celestial poles and guides you on the azimuth and altitude adjustment for a perfect polar alignment.

Polar Alignment ASIAIR PRO

4. The integrated star database allows to quickly find, select and slew the telescope to the selected target. 

Slew Function ASIAIR PRO

5. The ASI AIR Pro has accurate guiding capabilities.

ASIAIR autoguiding

6. In preview mode it is possible to visualize your captured image. 

ASI AIR PRO preview

 7.The Autorun function allows to schedule a set of shots.


8. The live stacking shows a set of stacked images of the target while capturing. 

ASI AIR LIVE stacking


Supported cameras:


1. Some DSLR cameras that have a 30-second exposure limit require an external shutter release cable.

2. The items with an exclamation mark in the table above have not been tested.

Supported mounts: 

Right now, the ASIAIR PRO is able to support hundreds of equatorial mounts from more than 20 manufacturers worldwide. For details, please refer to the “ASIAIR PRO User Manual”.


ASI AIR included items

  1. Two DC male 1m cable
  2. ASIAIR Pro body
  3. 64 GB U disk
  4. DC 1.5m male and female cable extension cable
  5. Two DC male 0.5m cable
  6. Quick Guide
  7. USB-RS232 female covert cable
  8. USB 3.0 square port 0.75m data cable


Neither USB flash drive nor TF card is covered by Warranty Policy.

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