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We stock SkyWatcher's high quality, multi-coated Long Eye Relief Plossl eyepieces, Barlow lenses and Newtonian collimation eyepieces.


The SkyWatcher Long Eye Relief Plossl Eyepieces are a modified 7-element fully coated Plossl with a 58° apparent field of view. With 20mm of eye relief, the superb field edge correction and high contrast of the Plossl design is comfortably usable even with eyeglasses. 

The SkyWatcher 2x 1.25” Achromatic Barlow lens with camera adapter is a useful accessory for your telescope. It doubles the focal length of the telescope and therefore the magnification of the eyepieces or your camera. 

All lenses come with a multi-layered anti-reflection coating and blackened edges to maximise light transmission. Expertly finished in anodized aluminium, it features knurled rubber grips and is threaded for use with standard filters.

We also stock the SkyWatcher Newtonian collimation eyepiece, a useful tool for adjusting the collimation on your Newtonian Reflector with ease. Fitting in place of a regular eyepiece, the thin crosshairs can be used to dial in the alignment of the primary and secondary mirrors to perfection.

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