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QHY is offering an unprecedented Black Friday sale starting the 27th of November. Cameras will be offered with a discount of 10% for a limited time only.
This is an offer that you cannot miss to start your journey as astrophotographer or to upgrade your equipment!
Black Friday applies to the following exclusive cameras:
  • QHY 163C Pro Colour and Monochrome with a 16Mpx, 22mm sensor and a pixel size of 3.8 µm. This is the perfect camera for entry level astrophotography, it has a larger sensor than the 183M/C and it has been used successfully by thousands of astrophotographers.
  • QHY 168C Pro Colour uses the Sony IMX 071, a well known and tested APS-C sensor with large pixels (4.8 µm).
  • QHY 268C - Photographic version contains the Sony IMX128, a high performance back illuminated cooled colour sensor with true 16-bit A/D. This translates to a dynamic range of 14 stops for vibrant and natural colours, even in faint or dark nebulae. The pixels have a size of 3.8 µm which is an excellent value for telescopes with different focal lengths.
  • QHY 128C Pro Colour is a full frame camera that contains the same sensor used for the Nikon D600 DSLR. The pixels are extra large (5.97µm) for a high full well capacity (74,000 e-).
  • QHY 410C Pro Colour is designed for the professional astrophotographer who wants a full frame sensor with back illuminated technology for a high quantum efficiency. The pixels are as large as in the 128C (5.97µm) but the quantum efficiency is higher in the 410C. This is the best camera for astrophotographers wanting a colour sensor for fast post processing.
  • QHY 600L Pro Monochrome is at the top of the heap. This is the most professional astronomy camera ever made: the quantum efficiency is above 83%, 16bit and 61 megapixels! Contact us to assist you with the selection of the filters and filter wheels. 
  • QHY 367C Pro, a top performing cooled camera. It contains the Sony IMX 094 front illuminated sensorthe same sensor that is used in the Nikon D800/810 DSLR cameras. It has large pixels with a size of 4.88µm and full well capacity of 56,000 e-.

Quantities are limited, don't miss out!

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