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SESTO SENSO 2 is the highly accurate, advanced, vibration free, robotic focusing motor for your telescope with an incredible precision of 0.7 microns.

Sesto Senso 2

SESTO SENSO 2 incorporates all the features of the previous version and it adds:

  • USB-C port to connect it to any standard computer or EAGLE USB port. The USB-C port is a more sturdy, its connection is more reliable and it is also reversible for easier connections in the dark.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity with Virtual HandPad to use it with a smartphone or tablet 
  • Self Centering Clamp (SCC) technology to connect it to focusers without using external brackets.
  • Dimmable LED to reduce its light disturbance. Also the LED light can be turned off completely 
  • Compatible with ARCO camera rotator without the need for additional data or power cables. 


Sesto Senso 2 description

Control via WiFi, from any smartphone or tablet via the Virtual HandPad

The SESTO SENSO 2 app can save preset settings to easily move the focuser to pre-determined positions. The Wi-Fi control works even if SESTO SENSO 2 is connected to a computer so you can control it simultaneously from 2 devices.



Easily connects to most focusers using the Self Centering Clamp (SCC) without the need of external brackets

SESTO SENSO 2 does not require any external brackets for the connection to a focuser. Just remove the fine and coarse knobs to get access to the focuser shaft and connect Sesto Senso using the provided bushings. SESTO SENSO 2 is designed to fit 25mm diameter shafts, commonly used with most focusers in the market. Optional adapters are available for focusers with a 33 or 37mm shaft. SESTO SENSO 2 is compatible with many telescopes such as:


Connect ARCO via a single cable to remotely control the camera rotator

SESTO SENSO 2 includes a special port allowing the camera rotator ARCO to be directly connected. With ARCO, you can remotely control the rotation angle of your camera to achieve a perfect framing of the object. 


Compact and lightweight device, no need for external controllers

The housing of SESTO SENSO 2 is carved from a single block of aluminium using CNC machines. It is completely anodised to increase its durability. The upper part of the SESTO SENSO 2 is made of rigid plastic to allow for Wi-Fi connection.



380 gr


87.5 mm x 43.2 mm x 64 mm



Sesto Senso 2 Technical Specifications



  • 12v DC lighter plug power cable
  • USB-C to standard USB cable
  • Hex keys for assembly
  • 5 color-keyed bushings for different focuser types
  • Quick installation guide

Sesto Senso 2 BOX


To have access to the latest version of the manual, software package and firmware visit 


To connect Sesto Senso 2 via WiFi to your computer, smartphone or tablet and use the virtual hand pad: 

  • Connect your device to the focuser WiFi network SESTOSENSO2xxxxx;
  • Enter the password "primalucelab", 
  • Open your browser and enter the address
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