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The Player One Apollo series is the world's first camera line designed specifically with solar imaging in mind. The Apollo-M Max features Sony's IMX432 1.1" Pregius 3rd generation monochrome CMOS sensor with a diagonal of 17.5mm and global shutter.



The IMX432's impressive 9μm pixel size, full well depth of 100Ke- and 1.7MP resolution make it perfect for solar photography at long focal lengths, such as with a Schmidt-Cassegrain equipped with a Daystar Quark H-alpha eyepiece.

The large full well capacity means capturing brighter prominences along with the chromosphere in a single shot might now be possible.

At gain > 145, High Gain Conversion mode is enabled, dropping the read noise to 4.6e- and giving a dynamic range of 12 stops. At gain 380, the readout noise drops to 2.6e-, lower than the IMX174.

With 256MB of DDR3 memory and USB3.0, the camera delivers a fast frame rate of up to 98FPS without frame dropping in RAW8 mode (with 12-bit ADC).




Note: When recording images, since the actual writing speed will be affected by the writing speed of the hard disk itself, therefore it is recommended that you use a high-quality solid state drive to record data to give full play to the performance of the camera.



Banding can sometimes be an issue with cameras using IMX174 or IMX178 sensors. The IMX432 found in the Apollo-M Max has none of this banding, making post-processing much easier.


Player One's planetary and solar cameras feature DPS (Dead Pixel Suppression) technology. This is a sort of automatic dark frame subtraction of hot/stuck pixels which is performed in-camera.

The Apollo series features a sensor tilt plate for removing Newton rings. The built-in high density foam blocks light from the side slits without any leakage.




Click here for a tutorial on Solar photography with DayStar H-alpha filters and Player One cameras!




SONY IMX432 1.1" CMOS (mono)


1.7 Megapixels 1608 x 1104

Pixel size

9 µm

Sensor size

14.5 mm x 9.9 mm (17.5 mm diagonal)

Quantum efficiency


Exposure range

32 µs - 2000 s

Read noise

22.9 - 2.6 e-

Full Well Capacity

100,000 e-

Bit rate

12 bit 


98 fps in RAW8 (10-bit ADC)

Shutter type

Global Shutter



Protecting window

AR coated


USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / ST4

Back focus

12.5 mm


1.25" / M42 x 0.75


Ø 66 mm


180 g





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