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The OVNI-M is a night vision eyepiece featuring a GEN3 Thin-Film White Phosphor P45 military intensifier tube perfectly adapted to astronomy. With 26mm focal length and a 1.25" barrel, it fits into the eyepiece holder of any reflector or refractor telescope and can be used on its own or with a focal reducer, Barlow lens and different filters.

Night vision Astronomy is a revolution in the field of visual observation of deep sky objects. This powerful technology increases the brightness by multiple times, similar to increasing the aperture of your telescope 3 times. Also, it converts the H-Alpha signal to white light allowing you to see details that are invisible to the human eye.  The vision is absolutely natural, especially for the white phosphor version. Details of nebulae that are normally too faint or impossible to see will become instantaneously recognisable:


  • - The Barnard Loop in Orion is clearly visible with the supplied front lens 
  • - The Horsehead nebula is a clear and distinct object
  • - The Helix nebula is an easy target with the faint outer ring observable
  • - The Tarantula nebula will reveal the intricate gas structure as fine threads
  • - Eta Carinae is astonishing. This nebula is impressive with a standard eyepiece, but the OVNI-M will reveals details as you have never seen before 
  • - Galaxies will be finally clear and well defined without any trouble. 

To increase the contrast of nebulae and carry out observation under light polluted skies, it is recommended to use OVNI-M with an H-Alpha narrowband filter. 


Ovni-M Night Vision Eyepiece with 12" Dobsonian and Optolong L-eXtreme filter
  A selection of images taken with a Google Pixel 3 smartphone through a 12" Dobsonian telescope with Optolong L-eXtreme filter & Ovni-M FOM2100.

Note: This is not an imaging device nor electronic eyepiece, it is a real-time visual light amplifier providing instantaneous live views of the deep sky. The photons captured by your telescope are simply converted in electrons, multiplied and projected on a while phosphorus screen to be visible as light. All images presented here were taken with a phone camera to give a good approximation of what you will see in real life.


Slideshow of pictures captured with a smartphone attached to the Ovni-M night vision eyepiece.

Like any eyepiece, it can be used at prime focus thanks to its 1.25" barrel (with thread for filters) as well as afocal, i.e. on a traditional eyepiece, thus acting as a focal reducer. This makes it possible to observe the deep sky with a very wide field of view. Conversely, it can be combined with a barlow to increase the magnification. Finally, it can be used it by hand with the possibility of adding C/CS-mount camera lenses.





Autogated to protect the tube in case of high light intensity. (NOTE: DO NOT POINT THE OVNI-M AT THE SUN!)

Manual gain control to reduce or eliminate scintillation (mainly when using a filter).

Diopter adjustment to adapt to the sight of each user (myopic, astigmatic, spectacle wearers, everyone can observe).

★ Flexible and 360° rotatable eyeguard to adapt to the morphology of each astronomer.

 ★ a GEN3 Thin-Film tube means that the tube is 3rd generation and the Thin-Film means that the thickness of the ionic film of the tube has been reduced to its maximum to increase its performance.

 ★ White Phosphor P45 is perfectly adapted to astronomy as it has a very natural tint (slightly bluish grey), much better than green phosphorus (delivering a greenish tint).

 ★ FOM (Figure of Merit) is the primary measure of performance. It is the minimum FOM because it will automatically be higher. For example a FOM1800 means that the tube will have a FOM equal to or greater than 1800. Given that, a FOM of 1800 is exceptional and a FOM2600 is simply the best available, only appearing very recently in September 2020.


  Simulation of how Ovni's image intensifier tubes work.

Each OVNI-M and OVNI-B is delivered with a tube datasheet. FOM is not the only measurement. It will directly impact other values such as SNR, EBI, Luminous gain, Luminous Sensitivity, Limiting Resolution, etc. Some values are more important than others so each tube is manufactured according to our own performance criteria in order to be perfectly optimized for astronomy.

OVNI Night Vision tube datasheet


  • C/CS mount adapter (c-mount)
  • Tube inspection report
  • 26mm F1.2 front lens
  • Lanyard, protective pouch
  • 1x  battery CR123


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