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The ZWO ASI 585MC is a professional colour planetary camera containing the Sony STARVIS 2 IMX585 CMOS backlit colour sensor which has a diagonal of 1/1.2" and a resolution of 8.29 MP. The 585MC can be considered a successor to the ASI 485MC, with zero amp glow, lower dark current noise and three times the full well capacity.

Its 1/1.2" sensor and small 2.9µm pixels gives a resolution four times that of the popular ASI462MC.



The sensor has a maximum QE up to 91%. This high sensitivity across the visible and near IR light spectrum and very low readout noise make it ideal for high resolution solar and lunar imaging. The large full well depth of 40ke- is three times as much as the ASI485MC, making it easier to capture both solar chromosphere and prominences together in a single frame.



The USB 3.0 Port provides 5Gbps bandwidth and lets the camera run at 46.9fps (12bit, normal mode) at full resolution (8.29 Megapixels). Frame rate can be limited by the power of the computer and the writing speed of your hard disk. For higher performance it is suggested to use Solid State Drives. 

The ASI585MC has a HCG mode which effectively reduces readout noise at high gain settings while preserving the same wide dynamic range that you would get at low gain. From 150 gain and higher, HCG mode will automatically activate, giving a read noise as low as 0.8e- with a dynamic range close to 12 stops.


The ASI585MC has built-in anti-amp glow circuitry which is implemented directly at the hardware level. 



1/1.2″ CMOS Sony-IMX585AAQJ1-C
8.29 Megapixels, 3840 x 2160
Pixel size
2.9 µm
Sensor size
11.136 x 6.264 mm, 12.84 mm diagonal
Bayer pattern R Gr Gb B
Quantum efficiency
Exposure range 32 µs - 2000 s
Read noise 0.8 e- to 12 e-
Full well capacity 40,000 e-
Bit rate 12 bit
Speed 46.9 fps at full resolution
Shutter type Rolling shutter
ROI Supported
Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Protecting window AR coated
Ports USB 3.0 Type-B, ST4
Back focus 6.5 mm (excluding the T2 11 mm ring)
Connections 2" / 1.25" / M42 x 0.75
Dimensions Ø 62 mm; ↨ 31.4 mm
Weight 126 g


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