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The Prima Luce Lab GIOTTO 255 is an ASCOM and Wi-Fi controllable flat field generator designed to provide consistent and repeatable flat calibration frames. The GIOTTO 255 can be used with telescopes with an aperture up to 255mm and an external tube diameter between 217 - 279mm with the included plastic thumbscrews.


Prima Luce Lab GIOTTO 255 Smart Flat Field Generator  

GIOTTO flat field generators feature an array of LED lights with a colour temperature similar to the Sun and a specially designed diffuser for homogenous illumination. The integrated electronics allow you to precisely adjust the brightness by 100 steps and can be controlled over ASCOM via USB-C or Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet. It can be powered from a 12V power source such as the Eagle control unit, so no external power brick is required.



Flat frame calibration is an essential part of creating professional astrophotos and requires a uniform and dimmable light source. This is because many modern CMOS sensors require longer exposures for usable flat frames. The GIOTTO flat field generators make this as straightforward as possible. The Virtual HandPad allows you to remotely control the brightness of the panel with your smartphone or tablet, and even allows you to save different values for each filter.



GIOTTO 255 Features:

  • Designed for telescopes with aperture up to 255mm
  • LED lights at colour temperature similar to sunlight, to provide a neutral colour tone
  • Special designed light diffuser for an even illumination
  • Adjustable light intensity by 100 steps (0 to 100%)
  • It natively runs off of a 12V power source to avoid the need for external power units
  • Included thumbscrews for an easy lock in front of telescopes with external tube diameter from 217mm to 279mm
  • USB-C port to let you easily connect it to your EAGLE or Windows computer
  • WiFi connectivity so you can wirelessly control it using your smartphone or tablet via the included Virtual HandPad
  • Control and capture flat frames with PLAY astrophotography software for EAGLE or Windows
  • ASCOM driver to let you control it through third party software
  • Optional ALTO telescope cover motor to convert GIOTTO in a remotely controlled motorized cap
  • Weight: 0.8 kg (1.8 lb)


Prima Luce Lab ALTO motorized telescope cover for GIOTTO


The GIOTTO can be completely automated by adding the ALTO telescope cover motor, allowing you to use the GIOTTO as a motorized cap. The ALTO can be easily connected to any Vixen or Losmandy dovetail bar with Prime Luce Lab's PLUS clamps. This makes it easy to adjust the precise position of the GIOTTO for optimal coverage.


Max internal diameter
279.54 mm
Max illuminated diameter
257 mm
Compatible telescope external diameter
217 - 279 mm
800 g



  • GIOTTO 255 smart flat field generator
  • 3 x thumbscrews
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • 12V power cable with cigarette plug
  • GIOTTO quick start guide


In order to use GIOTTO, you first need to download and install Prime Luce Lab's PLAY software available here.


GIOTTO manual

 PLAY software

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