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The QHY 5-III 462C is considered to be a revolution in high-resolution planetary imaging . The sensor used is the latest generation back-illuminated IMX462 STARVIS CMOS from Sony which is extremely sensitive in the near infrared. At this wavelength, the atmospheric turbulence (seeing) disturbs less, therefore allowing to grasp better details and delivering sharper images.

Generally cameras have their sensitivity peak in the visible spectrum and the spectral response quickly decreases towards 850 Nm where planets show more details. In the QHY 5-III 462C, the RGB bayer filter becomes transparent at infrared wavelengths and the QE peak in infrared is as high as in visible light (see chart below). 

The high sensitivity in infrared makes this camera the perfect match with a methane filter (889 Nm). To maximise the potential of this camera, QHY includes a standard IR-UV cut and an IR pass filter with the delivery.


The latest technology used in this sensor delivers an extremely low read noise of 0.5e- at high gain this is the lowest among planetary cameras. The pixels have a size of only 2.9 µm, a perfect match for imaging planets with regular Barlow lenses and low-medium focal length telescopes. For example, a 2X Barlow combined with an f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain and a 4X Barlow in an f/5 Newtonian allows to reach the ideal pixel scale. As for all QHY III cameras, the backfocus is only 11mm which is advantageous for instruments where the focusing travel is limited such as in off axis guiders. 

All QHY III cameras can reach a data transfer speed of up to 350 MByte/s via USB3.0 port, ideal for high speed imaging of fast-rotating planets. For the 462C it translates in an output speed of 135 FPS at full resolution and faster rates can be achieved at selected ROI. 

The metal body and the advanced thermal design aim to dissipate the heat generated by the sensor and electronics, therefore to reduce the noise. The QHY5-III cameras include a heavy duty 5-pin socket for a solid connection between the camera and other devices. The package includes a 5-pin-LEMO-to-RJ11 adapter for autoguiding with the ST4 cable. 



Sensor Sony SONY IMX462 CMOS
2 Megapixels 1920 x 1080
Pixel size 2.9 µm
Sensor size 7.36 mm x 4.92 mm [diagonal 8.85 mm] 
Quantum efficiency peak >80%
Exposure range 7µs - 900s
Read noise 0.5e-
Full well capacity 12,000 e-
Bit depth 12 bit
Shutter type Electronic rolling shutter
Speed 135 FPS at 1920 x 1080; higher rates at selected ROI
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux
Optical window AR coated
Ports USB 3.0; 6-pin RJ11 Guide Port
Back focus 12 mm (±0.5)
Connections 1.25" / M28.5 x 0.75
Dimensions Ø 40 mm ; ↨ 80mm
Weight 88 g


  1. QHY 5-III 178C
  2. Metal box
  3. 1.25" IR-UV cut filter
  4. 1.25" IR pass filter
  5. 20mm extender with a 1.25" external diameter and female thread M28 x 0.6 for filters
  6. USB 3.0 cable (2 meters)
  7. ST4 cable (1.5 meter)
  8. Focus locking ring
  9. Plastic shims to adjust the CS lens distance (lens not included)
  10. Camera dust cap



Guide to installing QHY and ASCOM drivers for QHYCCD cameras.


ZWO camera software QHY camera drivers

PDF Icon Small QHY 5-III 462C manual

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Winston Powlowski

Shipped really fast, everything received well and in good condition. Very sensitive camera.

Garrett McLaughlin

All the best, item as described. Shorter delivery time as specified. Am very satisfied. Like again. Thank you.

Alta Kiehn

Perfect for planetary observation and guiding. Very happy with her.

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