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Testar Australia is a technical assistant dealer for 10 Micron. Our staff has been trained at the 10 Micron factory to provide assistance, repairs and maintenance on their products.


GM 4000 mandatory shipping kit is composed of a GM 4000 shipping wooden pallet box (#10M4100) and a pier adapter (#10M4090), both are necessary items when the mount will be shipped by a forwarder. Shipping charges will be calculated individually for each destination and will be billed separately. The pier adapter #10M4090 will be needed later when mounting the GM 4000 onto a 10 Micron pier, a Baader pier or a custom made pier. This sturdy plate made of solid steel is mandatory not only for securing the mount on the pallet during transport but also later to translate the full loading capacity of the mount into the pillar.

Size: approx. 105 x 85 x 65 cm



  • Shipping wooden pallet box for GM 4000 mount (#10M4100)
  • Pier adapter (#10M4090)


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