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The new ASKAR EAF kit for the ACL200 allows you to mount the ZWO EAF electronic focuser to the focus ring of the ASKAR ACL200 lens, enabling accurate software-controlled focusing during astrophotography.

Note: ZWO EAF or ASKAR ACL200 are not included.


  • A black square holder, used to accommodate and support the EAF.
  • A 20-teeth synchronous pulley
  • A synchronous belt
  • An Askar Vixen-style dovetail plate
  • An M5×10 socket head cap screw
  • Two M4×10 socket head cap screws
  • Two M6×8 socket head cap screws
  • Two M4×10 button head screws


  1. Take the original black dovetail plate off the ACL200 lens.
  2. There are one bigger and two smaller screw holes tapped on one side of the EAF holder, corresponding to the three screw holes at the bottom of the ACL200 lens collar. Connect the ACL200 lens and EAF holder with an M5×10 socket head cap screw and two M4×10 socket head cap screws.
  3. Insert the synchronous pulley onto the shaft of EAF and put the EAF with pulley into the holder.
  4. Wrap the synchronous belt around ACL200 lens and the pulley.
  5. Adjust and secure the EAF and its holder, then insert two M4×10 button-head screws into the slots carved out on the side of the holder, tightening them with a wrench.
  6. Put the ACL200 lens on the Askar Vixen-style dovetail plate, connect them with two M6×8 socket head cap screws.

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